We are celebrating our 10th business anniversary!

Hoyes Roofing Cake

March 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the incorporation of Hoyes Ltd. Ed Moir & myself are the company Directors, working within the construction industry on commercial roofing & cladding projects.

We have successfully continued to expand our client base, our employed staff and the structure within the organisation. This has ensured continuity in our service and stability for the business going forward.
Ed & I are still at the head of main operations, we are a traditional hard working, trustworthy firm. This reflects the clients we attract and the employees we have.

Originally Hoyes LTD started in the dining room of my house, working from a desk with boxes filled with headed paper and business cards. All of the manual work and back office work was done by Ed & I in the early days, moving to premises in 2013 was a huge landmark for us, the labour team had expanded to 3 teams and we had a fleet of vans branded now travelling around the East Midlands on small to medium sized contracts.

The plan had always been to work hard and enjoy the benefits but as the company has grown and expanded the need for structure and a management team in place has been more apparent over the last few years. We now have Sam Pentecost our Contracts Manager, Ana Perry Finance Manger & Marie Baines Administrative Assistant. We have 4 teams of operatives and sub contract fitters who continue to work across the East Midlands – the contracts we work on still continue to vary in size and the whole of the workforce continue to learn from the different works we do.

I honestly think starting the business from scratch and working “on the tools” helped us to instill the ethos we have in our firm today. Ed & I worked with the labour until we moved into premises in 2013 and we still enjoy a day on the tools to keep us in touch with daily operations from an installation point of view. We don’t deal in problems, we deal in solutions and working on the ground with our peratives helps to instil this. We are so thankful for the dedicated and committed team we have, they never let us down and go above and beyond whenever required.

Moving to premises definitely improved the business, it felt like “the next step” but on reflection, each year seems to feel like that. We took a leap in January 2018 and started our sister company Hoyes Scaffolding LTD it runs alongside Hoyes LTD as a separate entity and is managed and ran by Stacey Sansom, having the knowledge, investment capabilities and premises to be able to get the Company off the ground felt great. The feedback and growth of that business has been amazing, so knowing we have applied what we learnt starting Hoyes Roofing originally has been fantastic.

Over the next 12 months we would like to expand the Contracts section within the company, we are working towards two more Contract Managers to support Ed & I. We will continue to create new business relationships to create more longevity for the group.
2020 will see new premises for the group, and another property for our commercial rental portfolio.

Hoyes Roofing Vehicles

We have worked hard to make new client relationships, we have also upheld the importance of maintaining our existing ones. We continue to work with clients today that we had on incorporation 10 years ago.

If I was honest, the hardest lesson for me over the past 10 years was a client going into liquidation, it was the first “bad” lesson I learnt, we still operated from my house and there was no separation from work/home. You get to a bit of a point where there is no escape. Moving to premises and deciding that was the final straw on tightening processes within the business was the positive that came from that situation, the premises we currently trade from became available, in a great location and we haven’t looked back!

In 2014 buying our first commercial property for rental was a huge high for Ed & myself, seeing the company profits work towards stabilizing the business for the future has been fantastic.

I am so appreciative of our staff, they work incredibly hard and are committed and hard working. Our clients, who continue to support and work with us, to entrust us with their projects and provide opportunity after opportunity. Our suppliers, who go above and beyond to make our jobs happen, provide us with great quality materials and services….Thank You!

2019 will see us developing our relationship with Brett Martin Daylight Solutions, as one of their approved installers we will be working together to develop that skill in our business.

To summarise, thank you
Happy 10th year anniversary to us!

Jon Hoyes